Multiseed Cookies

See the recipe & learn how to make our Multiseed Cookies

How To Make Multiseed Cookies


A treat for the kids with a sweet tooth, our Multiseed Concentrate isn’t just for bread!

Kg           Ingredients
4.000      Soft or cake flour
5.335       Caster sugar
3.335       Butter / margarine
0.040      Bicarbonate of soda
0.335       Whole egg
15.045    TOTAL
Using a beater, mix all ingredients (excluding the egg) together on slow speed for about 3 mins until a fine crumble is achieved
Add the egg and mix together on slow speed to form a paste. Do not overmix as this will make the dough more sticky
Roll into a fat sausage shape and cut slices off to scale at approx 75g
Lay flat on a baking sheet with enough space to allow for flowing during baking
Bake for approx 15 - 20 mins using a low bottom
heat (20 mins will give a crisp cookie)
Bake: 1700C (3380F)
(Water and yeast levels should be monitored and adjusted as necessary to suit processing conditions)