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This website is sponsored by British Bakels Ltd, one of the largest suppliers of ingredients to the UK baker.

Custard Donut

100+ years of baking expertise

Bakels developed the recipe for Multiseed Bread which is now being used by thousands of bakers throughout the UK.

Although we have a distinguished record as a supplier to the UK baking industry, we are not actually bakers. Our aim is to develop ingredients and recipes to help high street, supermarket and local bakers offer a wide range of exciting and innovative products to you their customer.

If you’d like to find out more about Bakels, then please visit our website or email us at multiseed@bakels.com.

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Introducing Gluten Free

Further to the success of Multiseed, we’ve utilised over 100 years’ experience to develop a Gluten Free Multiseed Bread Mix, suitable for consumers to bake in the comfort of their own kitchen.

For more information about our product and find out what other gluten free mixes we have to offer, visit our website at www.bakelshomebaking.com.

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Gluten Free