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Our bakers big and small choose our Multiseed Concentrate to produce their own lines of profitable breads and wholesome goods. With point of sale as well as recipes and inspiring ideas; our bakers are well supported to help make the most of Multiseed Bread.

Our Bakers

4 Reasons Our Bakers
Love Being A Multiseed Baker

  • Reduced Costs & Larger Profits
  • Customers love the taste
  • Not just a bread concentrate, the possibilities are endless.
  • Convenient, widely available and supported with Free point of sale to help drive sales.

So Much Choice

What Our Bakers Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, some of our bakers have been baking and selling Multiseed Bread since we launched it back in 2005. Read how much both their businesses and their customers love Multiseed Bread.

Case Study 1

Garry Reeve – Reeve the Baker, Dorset

Gary Reeve
“Sour dough with Multiseed – sales are growing all the time.”

Gary Reeve, owner of 11 high quality retail bakery outlets knows a thing or two about Speciality Bread – he should do as he won the Speciality Bread Award at the 2015 Baking Industry Awards.

The company has a proud record of innovation and quality and launched a new variety of sour dough bread earlier this year – Gary added Bakels Multiseed to his famous sour dough recipe and now commands £3.95 for the bread you can see him holding.

Says Gary: “Bakels original Multiseed is been a top seller for us for many years. Our sour dough breads are also a winner so we decided to combine both products to produce this new bread. Our sour dough with Multiseed is clearly a more of a niche product but it is already in our top 20 and sales are growing all the time.”

The original Multiseed bread is one of Gary’s top five lines in a business where the baking is to the incredibly high standards that you would expect from the winner of the Speciality Bread Award.

Says Gary: “Multiseed is a very good product, it eats well, keeps well and we marketed it originally on its low Gi health benefits. However it is the flavour that sells it.”

Gary charges £2.95 for an 800g loaf.

Wilfred Dorrington - Dorrington’s Bakery, Hertfordshire

Wilfred Dorrington
“Our customers buy Multiseed because of the flavour and quality”

Wilfred Dorrington, the next generation in the long-established Dorrington’s Bakery business, which has supplied high quality bakery goods for nearly one-hundred years, is only too familiar with Bakels’ Multiseed Bread.

The bread, which prides itself in the same much-loved recipe since it launched, has been at home on Dorrington’s bakery shelves for over 10 years and continues to drive business throughout their 16 shops.

Says Wilfred: “We were one of the first to introduce the 800g Multiseed loaf and have been incredibly successful, not only getting a premium price for it, but customers are coming back daily.”

Dorrington’s make sandwich loaves from Bakels’ Multiseed Concentrate to serve the lunchtime trade, with a selection of sandwiches available.

Dorrington’s serve restaurants and pubs with Multiseed, who all buy weekly, driven by its’ flavour and quality, aswell as good shelf life.

Bakels Multiseed Concentrate is one product in a long list of Bakels products, which help Dorrington’s produce a range of high quality bakery goods day-after-day for their customers.

Janet Carr – Waring’s Bakery, Berkshire

Janet Carr
“Our customers tell us that the loaf has a superb flavour.”

A baker of Multiseed for over 10 years, Waring’s has had continued success with the product, so much that it is one of the bakery’s top selling lines across all their outlets. The bread has had customers coming back for more, building a loyal customer base over the years.

Janet says: “Our customers tell us that the loaf has a superb flavour and they have no waste as the loaf can last up to a week of purchase.”

With the ability to freeze the bread once baked and have the same fresh appearance once thawed, the bakery also vastly reduces wastage. This coupled with the quality of the bread means Janet can command a very good retail price and boost profitability.

Success selling Multiseed in 400g and 800g loaves meant Janet decided to use the product for their ready-made sandwiches, incorporating classic fillers for their regular lunchtime business.

Multiseed Bread is a quality product which produces excellent bread which we command a very good retail price because of this.

Lewis Freeman - Dunn’s Bakery, London

Lewis Freeman
“Our customers keep coming back for it and ask for it by name”

Lewis Freeman, newly appointed Managing Director of Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End, London, highlights Multiseed as one of their best-selling lines.

The introduction of Multiseed into their bakery over 10 years ago by his father, and then Managing Director Christopher Freeman, saw new sales arrive, without taking away from other breads in their bakery.

Their booming lunchtime trade sees Multiseed used as a sandwich carrier for many of their healthy fillings. The use of Bakels free point of sale material help their sandwiches and loaves stand out on the shelves.

Lewis says: “Our customers keep coming back for it and ask for it by name. They love the selection of seeds, how well it keeps and the general flavour and quality of the loaf.”

With a high volume and wide array of high quality ingredients, Lewis says his customers would notice the difference between Bakels Multiseed and imitated seeded breads.

Lewis continues: “Overall it’s a great product and we wouldn’t look anywhere else for Multiseed.”

Mark Bennett – The Artisan Baker, Dorset

Mark Bennett
“I have enjoyed observing the sales increase to 100 loaves per day!”

Mark Bennett, owner of The Artisan Baker chain of patisseries, and proud winner of the Speciality Bread Award at the 2016 Baking Industry Awards, took over the business from his parents 4 and a half years ago.

Mark both acknowledged, and was keen to build on the success of Multiseed in their bakeries in the past. Now he sells a range of breads and says that has helped him increase his overall sales in his business.

Says Mark: “It produces a good looking loaf which tastes beautiful. We considered looking at increasing the range of products we could produce. I introduced a baton made with Bakels Multiseed, which I used as a sandwich carrier. I then introduced an 800g loaf and have enjoyed observing the sales increase to 100 loaves per day and we obtain a good retail price for this product.”

Point of sale material helps display the bread in his bakeries and differentiate itself, making it easily identifiable to his loyal customers.

Case Study 1

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