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Our bakers big and small choose our Multiseed Concentrate to produce their own lines of profitable breads and wholesome goods. With point of sale as well as recipes and inspiring ideas; our bakers are well supported to help make the most of Multiseed Bread.

Multiseed Bread

4 Reasons Our Bakers Love Being A Multiseed Baker

  • Reduced Costs & Larger Profits
  • Customers love the taste
  • Not just a bread concentrate, the possibilities are endless
  • Convenient, widely available and supported with Free point of sale to help drive sales.

So Much Choice

What Our Bakers Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, some of our bakers have been baking and selling Multiseed Bread since we launched it back in 2005. Read how much both their businesses and their customers love Multiseed Bread.

"Sour dough with Multiseed – sales are growing all the time."

Gary Reeve, owner of 11 high quality retail bakery outlets knows a thing or two about Speciality Bread – he should do as he won the Speciality Bread Award at the 2015 Baking Industry Awards.

The company has a proud record of innovation and quality and launched a new variety of sour dough bread earlier this year – Gary added Bakels Multiseed to his famous sour dough recipe and now commands £3.95 for the bread you can see him holding.

Says Gary: “Bakels original Multiseed is been a top seller for us for many years. Our sour dough breads are also a winner so we decided to combine both products to produce this new bread. Our sour dough with Multiseed is clearly a more of a niche product but it is already in our top 20 and sales are growing all the time.”

The original Multiseed bread is one of Gary’s top five lines in a business where the baking is to the incredibly high standards that you would expect from the winner of the Speciality Bread Award.

Says Gary: “Multiseed is a very good product, it eats well, keeps well and we marketed it originally on its low Gi health benefits. However it is the flavour that sells it.”

Gary charges £2.95 for an 800g loaf.

“We make a lot of sandwiches from Multiseed Bread.”

Bob Burns, one of three generations of the Burns family at the helm of the award-winning business, has sold Multiseed in their shops since it launched over 13 years ago.

The business has a long and proud heritage, having opened their doors in 1983, steadily expanding with shops and a well-renowned School of Baking.

Says Bob: “We have been using Bakels Multiseed ever since it launched. It’s one of our best-selling breads, with continued growth thanks to its soft, fluffy texture which has great flavour and keeps well – qualities our customers have come to love and value.”

The business mainly produces large and small tin loaves, forming part of Burns’ core bread range. Thanks to its popular flavour and excellent fresh keeping qualities, Burns have experienced healthy sales from their loyal local customers.

Says Bob: “The bread is very easy to use, being a convenient 50/50 concentrate and we add our own sour to give the bread its own unique identity. We also make a lot of sandwiches with it and produce large bloomers the day before for this very purpose.”

“I have customers buying two or three loaves at a time.”

Ever since opening their doors in as a sandwich shop in 1971, the tradition of high standards and the use of premium quality ingredients has remained at the heart of everything they do.

That’s why Bakels Multiseed has been such a success for the business, who produce a wide range of bakery goods, all baked fresh daily.

Jane’s Pantry first introduced Multiseed to their shops when it launched over 13 years ago, with production of large and small tin loaves along with doorstep sandwiches ever since.

Popularity has been so strong that Multiseed is now outselling harvester and wholemeal breads across their shops.

Says Neville: “I have customers that buy two or three loaves at a time and freeze them and find the loaf is just as good as fresh. The product is very easy to use, being a 50/50 concentrate and produces very consistent finished loaves, something our customers value.”

As well as their shops, Jane’s Pantry sell Multiseed through wholesale channels.

Says Neville: “We wholesale Multiseed to a varied customer base. In fact, it’s even being sold to a Dairy that sell the bread on the milk floats.”

“Multiseed was the first speciality bread we introduced to our bakeries.”

Established in 1996, the award-winning Fuller’s Bakery was started by George and Heather Fuller. The winning mentality is underpinned by introducing new and exciting products.

This was reflected when they launched Multiseed Bread when speciality breads started to become popular over 13 years ago. The launch proved successful, with Multiseed having grown today to be their bestselling bread and sandwich carrier year on year.

Says George: “The characteristics our customers and we like about the bread is the fantastic flavour, softness of the crumb, texture and something which goes without saying, the excellent keeping qualities.”

A wholesome blend of sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds give Multiseed a delicious visual appeal.

Says Heather: “Our customers see Multiseed as a healthier alternative to white or brown loaves, which has even led us to stop producing granary.”

Seasonal use of point-of-sale material in their shops helps draw customers’ eyes to the bread, something which helps boost sales.

“The Multiseed loaf is now our bestselling line, outselling traditional white bread.”

Flour & Bean is a family run bakery/coffee shops in the heart of Norfolk.

Much like their staff, many of which know their wide range of customers personally, Multiseed has become a personal favourite for many who visit the bakery/coffee shops daily.

Delivering great taste and eating qualities, with the added benefit of long shelf life is a unique blend of qualities their customers have come to love.

David says: “At Flour & Bean we have been using Bakels Multiseed Bread Concentrate for over 10 years and it has become a firm favourite with our customers.”

Multiseed goes further than just 400g and 800g loaves at Flour & Bean. Introduction of sandwich rolls, baguettes and most recently scones have been popular additions.

“The Multiseed loaf is now our bestselling bread line, outselling traditional white bread,” he adds.

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